The Powers of Prestidigitation

On the rule of thumb and other digital tips

“Presto!” like from a magical demonstration, which means to be quick.

Design by Elysia Willis: podcast host of Astronaut-to-Zookeeper

By the pricking of my thumbs,
something wicked this way comes…

I get to play with magic finger wiggles as a warlock class water genasi in Dungeons & Dragons. From the French preste (nimble) and Latin’s digitus (fingers), prestidigitation means "the act of quick fingers". 

We use our hands to manifest creations in both fantasy and real life. The same knuckles that knead a sourdough can be used to serve someone a fist sandwich. Similar to how the pomegranate was weaponised to become a destructive device, or rotten eggs and tomatoes are pelted at someone to shame them… I’m fascinated how both the benign and the malign can be the same source.

Due to ongoing current events, I’ve been wondering about the thumbs up 👍🏽 and the raised fist ✊🏿… what if there’s something more subconscious about it?

For yoga practitioners of course, the mudras (which means ‘seal’) are sacred symbolic gestures that stimulate the body and mind to affect the flow or prana during meditation.

I can’t help but remember that scene from Casino Royale when Daniel Craig Bond tells Eva Green Vesper “That's because you know what I can do with my little finger.” Well, indeed.

While humans are prone to anthropomorphise divine supernatural powers in his/her image, perhaps there really is a magic force with the sense of the touch. The art world is rich in this symbology, and not just with that famous ceiling fresco. The Hand of God, as endorsed by the footballer Diego Maradona, did not belong to some bearded man in the sky, but was that of the Argentine’s. What if we believed that we are, and have always been, the supreme beings that can generate, organize/order, and deliver/destroy?

Under the Rule of Thumb

Some might think it’s game controllers that trained thumbs to be the digit of choice. In alchemical drawings of The Philosopher’s Hand (pictured above), it’s curious that the thumb is assigned with the crown. Masonic handshakes are also distinguished by the placement of the thumb.

It’s popular to think of emperors giving gladiators the sign for life or death. More recently, we use the thumbs up for OK (except in scuba diving). Thanks to etymology nerds studying Roman antiquity, the pollex was not only a unit of measurement, but named as such because it ‘has power’, derived from pollet, which could explain how it evolved into potere (Italian verb ‘to be able to’), or polleō (to be potent).

Additionally, contrary to common knowledge, the thumbs pointing upward probably did not mean life, but the opposite as infestus pollex — a hostile thumb, meaning ‘to attack, assail, hurt, distress, annoy’. I also discovered some corresponding thumberies that fit The Seven Deadly sins:

Sloth: to twiddle one’s thumbs
Greed: to put a thumb on the scale
Pride: to stand out like a sore thumb
Lust: to suck one’s thumb
Wrath: to thumb one’s nose
Envy: to stick a thumb in someone’s eye
Gluttony: to put in a thumb and pull out a plum

It turns out that the original benevolent sign was when the thumb is pressed or on top of a clenched fist, which is why in German, drücken die Daumen is an expression for wishing someone good luck!

So I had a crazy theory — What if the constant activation of our thumbs every time we use a mobile phone, is responsible for an imbalance of this collective energy? If it is said that the purpose of life is to disperse energy, maybe we’re all cocking the gun on some metaphysical levels? Is this why we are so easily triggered by social media algorithms that we are in fact authorising? Perhaps by castigating others with unlikes or being on autopilot about our likes, we condemn ourselves?

For my daily meditation practice, there is an exercise called the Ego Eradicator, since according to palmistry, the thumbs indicates logic + will-power, and represents the planet/god Mars. You can find out more about its benefits for yourself (try for just 3 minutes a day). You can even check out how Russell Brand (who called Kundalini the crack cocaine of yoga) does it.

Do you bite your thumb at us, sir?

Hopefully, many of us are no longer engaged in a mass multi-player thumb war online, since it’s not even the fun variety that creates oxytocin (and ten other positive emotions). We should really refrain from hitting hostile thumbs and proliferating angry faces.

Here’s some links to thumb through, that might be of interest:

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